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Import contacts

Import your contacts from a .CSV file or directly from your Yahoo or Gmail account. You can also create new lists based on how subscribers behave in the different campaigns you send.

Say goodbye to invalid and duplicate e-mails. EnvialoSimple will automatically cross them out during the import process.

Expand your range

In just minutes and with few clicks, you will be able to create subscription forms and publish them on your website or Facebook page. This will help you increase your contact base a lot.

You do not need to program anything and in a simple and intuitive way, you can adapt the colours and the form design to your needs.

Name and surname E-mail Address Subscribe

Segment lists

Reach your target audience with the accuracy of a laser. Create segments applying different search criteria and send campaigns to specific groups of contacts.

With the segmentation feature, you can do things like inviting subscribers from a specific city to an event, giving a coupon to those who open your e-mails more frequently, or even segmenting your contacts by date of subscription and send them a welcome e-mail.

Optimize lists

Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns by optimizing contact lists from a simple and intuitive interface.

This feature will facilitate the task of copying, moving or deleting contacts, exporting them to a .CSV file and creating new lists based on filtering rules.

It is also possible to purge the lists by deleting automatically the e-mails with bounces of type "hard" or those with a certain number of bounces of type "soft".

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  • Custom fields

    Take advantage of the Custom Fields to save additional information of your contacts such as name, last name, country, profession and anything else that comes to your mind. Then, use this data to customize your campaigns and segment your lists.

  • Ban Rules

    Avoid adding an unwanted contact to your lists by blocking the subscription of a certain e-mail address or domain.

  • Mass unsubscription

    This feature will help you save time when unsubscribing or deleting a considerable number of contacts.

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