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Powerful editor DRAG&DROP

The simplest and most intuitive way to design and create your e-mails.

Drag text, images, columns, buttons and other components and get an e-mail of professional quality without touching a single line of HTML code.

Be sure to try it. You will be surprised by how simple it is.

More than 250 predesigned templates

Take advantage of the most amazing designs available to create your promotional e-mails or newsletters in just minutes.

Templates have been designed by professionals applying the best practices so your e-mails look spectacular.

Hi Juan Parez

This is the opportunity
you were looking for!


This is the opportunity
you were looking for!
Great discount percentage in electro

Simple customization

Thanks to our Custom Labels you will achieve a closer relation with your subscribers by calling them by their names and showing them how much you know them.

Use the information of your contacts in the subject or body of the e-mail. You simply add the label when creating the campaing and we make sure each e-mail will be unique.

Edit in Expert Mode

Would you rather program than drag and drop? Do you know tricks to laying out e-mails? Are you crazy about HTML and CSS? Perfect...! We have the ideal solution for you: a powerful HTML code editor.

Use it to program your pieces from scratch or simply modify them to correct last details.

  • Attachments

    Attach images and documents to your campaigns in a very simple way. Subscribers will get them as links to download and they will avoid having issues generated by large e-mails. Storage is included for free in your account.

  • Plain text version

    Sending e-mail in both formats (HTML and text) is a good practice to lower the chances of getting your campaign classified as SPAM. EnvialoSimple automatically creates a version of your e-mail in plain text from the HTML content.

  • Extremely quick newsletters

    Creating a newsletter with the latest posts on your blog will be as easy as dragging and dropping a component, entering your blog URL, choosing posts you want to include and ready.

    Your newsletter will be automatically created.

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