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Terms and conditions of use.

General Rules

When using EnvialoSimple, you agree to:

  • Not to add in your e-mails any text, picture, graphic or other content not created by you or that you are not authorized to use.

  • Not to create and/or send e-mails, using our Services, that include physical Address, e-mail address, subject or any other type of deceiving or incorrect information.

  • Not to send e-mails in which the content is libellous, obscene, pornographic, abusive, threatening or hateful.

  • Not to share your access password.

  • Not to try to decode, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise attempt to derive source code from EnvialoSimple.

  • Not to include in any e-mail any material, including, but not limited to, text and graphics, the inclusion of which is violating the rights of any other part, including, but not limited to, copyright and privacy and publicity rights.

  • Not to create similar accounts of type "free" to send campaigns to same or similar lists.

  • Not to import or add to lists nor download to our servers the following data: ID numbers, passwords, safety credentials, credit card information or any type of personal information.

  • It is strictly forbidden to use EnvialoSimple by Dattatec to send SPAM.

  • By Spam, we mean any kind of massive e-mail not requested by the recipient that consists in, for example, Commercial Ads of products and/or services in which the origin is hard to identify, invitations to browse websites with adult content, deals and unrealistic rates, discounts on prescription medicines, and any other disturbing content that causes inconvenience to the person receiving it for making it difficult to access e-mails of interest, reducing space in the e-mail server and forcing them to lose time deleting it, etc.

  • To use EnvialoSimple, the user agrees to use a list of subscribers that accepted to receive the information included in the e-mail marketing campaign.

  • Important:

  • Invitamos a nuestros clientes a hacer uso responsable de, sabiendo que en caso de recibirse denuncia de una entidad Anti-SPAM o de varios destinatarios, DonWeb by Dattatec procederá automáticamente con la suspensión de la cuenta denunciada, con o sin aviso previo según sea el caso, según criterio de DonWeb by Dattatec.

  • Así mismo, el sistema suspenderá automáticamente aquellas cuentas que en una campaña superen el 15% de rebotes en el envío. Por rebotes DonWeb by Dattatec entiende aquellos e-mails que por diferentes cuestiones hayan sido rechazados por el servidor destino. A través del sistema de información de el abonado podrá consultar tales rebotes.

  • In both cases and to reactive the accounts, the criteria that will be followed is the one mentioned on point 14 of the Terms and conditions of

  • Thus, EnvialoSimple agrees to help the internet community in the struggle against unwanted e-mails or SPAM.

  • If you ever receive SPAM from EnvialoSimple, please submit your complaint to "".

  • If EnvialoSimple detects "phishing", we will immediately proceed with the cancellation of service and submit a complaint to the competent authority: The Internet Fraud Complaint Center.

  • "phishing" is a way of obtaining user information to attempt a fraud and/or identity theft. This means, collecting credit card information, passwords and account or personal data by means of deception. This kinf of fraud is usually received via e-mails or pop up windows.

  • supports international organizations in the struggle against "phishing" on the internet.

  • If you wish to complain about a service being used for ilegal purposes, contact our Investigation Department at .

  • To comply with the best marketing practices via e-mail, EnvialoSimple is only compatible with those practices based on express permissions or requests to send e-mails. Our import Policy is designed to guarantee our clients do not send SPAM.

  • New imported contacts must have requested explicitly the information you are intending to send. We DO NOT allow the use of purchased, rented or borrowed lists from third parties. All imported contacts on your account must have a proof of a commercial agreement or have accepted through an opt-in methodology.

  • EnvialoSimple will not sell, share or use in any way the contacts or data imported by users of EnvialoSimple. This information can only be accessed by the user that imports the information.

  • EnvialoSimple´s users must only import e-mail addresses of contacts who explicitly requested to be contacted via e-mail.

  • The user agrees NOT to import purchased, rented or third party contact lists without the recipient´s consent.

  • Así mismo, el sistema suspenderá automáticamente aquellas cuentas que en una campaña superen el 25% de rebotes en el envío y/o utilización de listas cuyos destinatarios no hayan solicitado o autorizado expresamente el envío.
    Por rebotes entendemos aquellos e-mails que por diferentes cuestiones hayan sido rechazados por el servidor destino y que el sistema se encargará de informar a través de su interfaz.
    En el caso de no corresponder la reactivación del usuario de Envialo Simple, los créditos disponibles no podrán ser utilizados y se perderá lo abonado por los mismos.

  • Cancelación por Inactividad:

  • EnvialoSimple procederá a cancelar y dar de baja las cuentas de aquellos usuarios que no hayan ingresado a la aplicación, mediante usuario y contraseña, durante un término de 6 meses.

  • Previamente a la cancelación por inactividad, EnvialoSimple notificará de la situación al titular de la cuenta vía email, invitándolo a ingresar y utilizar la aplicación para así evitar la cancelación. La dirección de correo a la que se enviará la notificación será la registrada en la cuenta de EnvialoSimple.

  • Una vez cancelada la cuenta, el usuario no podrá acceder a la misma ni a ninguno de sus datos. Así mismo, dentro del término de 1 año a partir de la fecha de cancelación de la cuenta, el usuario podrá solicitar a través de soporte, la restauración de la misma, recuperando todos los datos almacenados y el crédito de envíos que disponía al momento de la cancelación. Pasado este período la recuperación no podrá llevarse a cabo y por tanto no será posible recuperar ningún tipo de datos, liberándose así de responsabilidad a EnvialoSimple por la pérdida de datos particulares que el usuario pudiera haber almacenado en la cuenta.

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